$BUSDY Whitepaper
An Overview of the Project
Here at $BUSDY we like to keep it real. Our motto...
No BS.
Just Boobs, BUSD, and Meme-tility!
We are here to be different. We are here to make a statement; to be beautifully simplistic, and effortlessly enchanting.
Acknowledging the likelihood of an upcoming bear market, we wanted to give investors something that would be most valuable to them. Our conclusion, stable coins. BUSD in specific. So, we decided to develop a token with generously high BUSD rewards.
Next, the name. It had to be perfect. We debated name after name until finally stumbling upon $BUSDY, a witty play-on-words of "Busty."
Finally, the branding. More than just the carnal images that flow into mind when one thinks of the word, we needed a brand that would appeal to global audiences. This one was easy. Anime. A recognizable artistic style with international popularity.
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